Wound it be good to support version control in word processing software like libreoffice?

@goodspeed Would saving in fodt format and using git for version control accomplish this? What happens when you run diff on two fodt's? How might such diff output be translated into an easy-to-understand description of what changes have been made, in terms of how they were made in the word processor?

@n8chz @goodspeed I think the lack of a good plaintext format that works well for git, xml in general is not that great for git.

@sotolf @goodspeed So what is the diff alternative for formatted text? Something that gives a heads-up display of added and subtracted text, and perhaps some markers on regions of text whose formatting has been changed? Hard to imagine version control without a diff, or systematic run-down of differences.

@n8chz @goodspeed Diffs work decently well on markdown for example, some kind of plain text-ish dataformat would work well.

@sotolf @goodspeed Maybe some kind of document format that stores the undo stack, or better yet the undo tree (at least in the case of unmerged branches). Vim is said to do something like that, but I haven't tried out that feature. And spool off a mere odt or docx when it comes to distributing the finished product.

@sotolf @n8chz Yeah, it inspired it. Maybe I can start with a diff program specifically for XML. :stallman_thaenkin:

@goodspeed IIRC you can save LibreOffice files as plaintext XML directory which works better with version control (in theory). However, looking at a diff is a nightmare...

@goodspeed Yes, if it recognizes text constructs and this works with diffing, etc.

@aryak I probably won't let it related to git but it will be similar :ablobsmile:

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