text transcribed from image (not OCR) 

People in the 1960s:
“I better watch what I say or the government might wiretap my house.”

People today:
“Hey Wiretap! Do you have a recipe for pancakes?”

@goodspeed In Romania there was this joke back when. "Don't pick the flower, they're Phillips."



People today:

"Hey wiretap! How much cream did I put in my recipe last tilme?"

@goodspeed government and amazon should merge so we get free fed info w our echo subscription

@goodspeed Has anybody made a meme comparing the wall-screens of Big Brother in 1984 to the screens everyone keeps with them all the time in the 2000's? Everyone keeps the phones on them, often in sight, all the time. There is no need to think about room layout, sight lines, acoustics... I imagine people have made memes like this with images from Orwell's novel, and maybe the movies based on the novel?

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