After a literal decade+ hiatus, I've agreed to run a D&D game once again. Let us see if my conflict zone experience makes for a better game, shall we?

For the second time in my life, I am dropping a class. The last time I dropped a class was in 2002, if that offers any perspective.

Reasons? Lack of clarity in assignments, compulsory group work w/ few options to discard dead weight, unclear objectives.

Obviously gaming is sub-optimal but I'm not much of a gamer. The lack of MS Office was my biggest concern but it's proven unwarranted.

The only time I spin up a Windows VM is to run my high speed photo scanner... the tools included alas, do not work in Linux.

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My attempts at being a Linux end user started back in 1997 or so. Throughout the years, I've made many attempts to switch but Linux always felt like it was stuck at 80% ready for prime time.

Happily, that changed in early 2020. I've been using Pop!OS as my user OS exclusively (at home) and very rarely run into a "oof" issue.

15 minutes trying to craft a post to say I miss my kitty.

I miss my kitty. More than I've ever missed anyone or any thing.

Finding a good -basic- router can be a PITA. Granted, my setup is odd, but I'm not a fan of the limited configuration options on the lower end models.

(But then, that's why they can sell the premium models I guess)

Instagram used to be decent until Facebook got its hands on it. Now, it's ads and ads and people acting stupid on ads and ads and bad science and did I mention ads?

Also, exercises in lazy privacy advocacy... replacing Verizon's router with my own. Granted, I was only using it as an external router (DMZ for the win) but I'd like to close the Verizon sized hole in my network.

"Hold on, let us log into your network" is not a phrase I want to hear from my ISP.

Well, I did spend a bit at Micro Center but I managed to escape with my Bawls.

(I'm so sorry.)

I'm about to go into Micro Center. Wish me and my poor bank account luck.

A week of observation suggests that spinning up my own bespoke instance may (eventually) be useful.

While the fediverse filtered through my current instance does seem less toxic, there's an alarming undercurrent of conspiracy theorists & angry Twitter implants in my global feed.

I enjoy my Synology NAS but I really need to set aside some time to dive into the stuff I bought it for.

Current projects:

- Personal cloud / contacts / calendar via Nextcloud

- Family accessible shared photo archive (I've collected photos going back to the late 1800's)

- Investigate personal Fediverse instance

- Investigate Kodi (though maybe not)

At this risk of delving into the political, watching Biden implement Trump's policies... and watching the "teams" switch positions with zero self awareness... would be hilarious if those same policies weren't costing lives.

I am one of those rare and magical unicorns... the casual end user of a Linux desktop system.

Took Linux 20+ years to be polished enough to get me to switch but they finally got me in 2020.


Foolishness (riding in rain, sweat in eyes, veered off trail)

Bad luck.

Foolishness (one handed lift, slipped)

Foolishness (daydreaming & hit buckled sidewalk.)

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In the interest of being a well-rounded participant in the fediverse, I'd like to share that I'm terribly prone to minor injury.

This month:

Impaled on my bike pedals;
Spasmed my back sleeping;
Mooshed my toe with an end table; Roadrashed on a pre-sunrise run.

So, wrote to me asking for money. My response was basically "no, I know that you kill more animals than any other shelter in VA, steal and kill pets, block feral cat colonies from being legalized.

I know, tilting at windmills. But if it changes one mind...

I love the idea of the fediverse. However, there's a risk of recreating the echo chambers of Facebook.

Refusing to connect to instances that are spamming or exist solely to harass people is reasonable. Censoring any dissent, not so much.

Google Fi's reliability is spotty, and getting answers to questions through support is an exercise in frustration. And I guess I should be deGoogling anyway.

Verizon? I have an old grudge. Maybe it's time to let that go.

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