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since I have hopped to a more niche instance. I'm a middle aged Unix guy who started using Linux on their 386 and booted it off of 5.25 disks when I screwed up lilo. I like music and music creation, science fiction (hard is better), and am working on completely clearing off of corporate social media.


"Universities? Scraping my toots??"

It's more likely than you think.

I'm optimistic that the FBI pressure on Apple to weaken their offerings creates a scatter effect like what happens in biological predation. They can't attack lots of moving targets, and open source seems particularly immune to these attacks. This reenforces the need for good, simple, usable open offerings outside of monocultures.

We already have most of the tools we need. We just have to convince the people who've been too intimidated to jump over that they're welcome, and we'll help.

These are baseless accusations of "cybercrimes."

The charges are “an obvious attempt to attack a free press in retaliation for the revelations we reported about Minister Moro and the Bolsonaro government.” - Glenn Greenwald
.onion: nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/2020/01

Alright so in about a month I'm going to launch some small courses on how to make your social media and stuff private.

If I can get a bunch of sales I'll be able to make it to DEFCON.

If not, I won't.

wonder what percentage of random seeds used in code in practice are literally 42

i saw an alternative to goodreads fly past the other day; what was it again?

The BBCA marathon of DS9 continues and we're already into season 2. This has been a nice diversion from The Expanse, which was making me frustrated with humanity.

Remember when Google said they would not be evil? When Apple said they were about your privacy? When open source was for people?

We have control of only one of these. It does not require coding skills. It requires being a Sherpa. For most users, even Ubuntu can be intimidating, just because of the sheer number of choices. People just want shit that works. Provide reasonable defaults for new users and manageable privacy.

If you know, teach. Nicely. Advocate. Lead. Make greedy tech obsolete.

PSA: The feature we used to call "autocorrect" is now called "autocorrupt."

You're welcome.

Also, Bashir would have been fired for sexual harassment several times before the pilot ended.

Watching DS9 and laughing at how amazing it was too see them poking at touch screen computers. They're actually thicker and more poorly designed than current offerings.

And yet we're still working on an egalitarian, post capital society driven by consumption and oppression.

We'll have warp drive before we have peace at this rate.

The place I'm coming from here also relates to the idea of not bringing bad habits from other social media. I like the fediverse so much, and so many seen to be here because they're getting away from the ugliness. If people act the same way here, we'll just be chasing our tails.

I don't want to have this read as preachy or anything. It's me talking to myself publicly, in a way. It helps me hold myself to my word.

I've never seen yelling at someone or making them look stupid work as a means to change their views.

Changing core beliefs is not easy, even when someone's open to it. Our brains are wired to see these challenges as existential threats.

Please don't make it worse by turning someone into a punching bag, even if you're right. An opportunity will be lost, and no one will be moved.

The fediverse is a public forum.

Your posts are only as secure as the admins of every instance that your home server federates with, in terms of private and followers-only messages.

If you're going to talk about sensitive information, keep it to Signal or other secure 1-on-1 channels.

Assume that everything you post to the fediverse, is being scooped up by multiple gov agencies around the world.

The Milan scrape was only notable because they made their findings public.

If a university scraping feeds did it, it's safe to assume other, bigger organizations have been doing it for much longer.

I've read an interesting essay about not bringing problems from currently mainstream social media to the Fedi. I don't agree with all the points and supports to arguments made, but I do know my weakness: snarky, angry opinions and near-strawman shots at things. I see it elsewhere but only so clearly because I am guilty of it.

Posting to remind myself, and maybe others: be nice first. See someone else's situation. Understand their points and motives. Keep being online a beautiful thing.

US Racism 

US Racism 

BOFH excuse #82:

Yeah, yo mama dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files.

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