So... Apparently today was a holiday.

And we (the other prof I teach with and I) did not know that the holiday was not moved to Monday.

So we got up to teach a 9am class... That wasn't supposed to happen... And for which we will not be payed.

This is just great :ablobsmile:

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AppFlowy, a Notion like open source app is in development

As an ex user of Notion I could not be interested :)

I got so used to having a top panel with the time and date and system tray that now, every time I'm on my windows pc, I go to check the time on the top center of the screen and there's nothing there

Hello! I've been trying to find someway to sync my google drive to my file explorer (Dolphin). Downloading files, working on them locally and uploading them again it's becoming tedious.

I found a client, gdrive, installed it and then it just didn't work. It wouldn't let me sign in into my account.

Is there anyway to do this or should I resign and just add steps into my normal workflow?

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PSA, in the event it's not clear:

Making big long lists of trans women who are on Mastodon is creepy and can lead to more targeted harassment and abuse.

I am defedding multiple instances and users who are doing this.

Does anyone use/or know about a good whiteboard app for Linux? In Win10 I used the integrated Whiteboard function, and I would like to find something useful like that for :manjaro:.

Mainly because right now I'm using the one that comes with the school platform and its super limited and laggy

Saturday 9am: about to teach class. Mic not working. Despair. Google searches. Furious typing in konsole. 'command not found'. Dispair: "the sequel" now in every IMAX...

Turns out, I had selected the wrong input device for the mic.
This is why people should not give me the morning schedules.

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One of the amazing things about Linux is the fact I installed three different languages on my system for various uses.
-Spanish: for my main use
-English: for coding and the terminal
-Russian: to do my russian homework (I just needed the keyboard distribution).

Somehow I have some russian text in pamac and I just think its funny, because it seems like a random thing, but it was probably my own doing.

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TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent 

As you may have seen in the news today, Trump's media team has set up their own social network "Truth Social".

What they aren't admitting is it's actually just a Mastodon instance with all the Mastodon branding removed, including all of the messages acknowledging that it is FOSS, as required by the software's free open source licence. This is breaking the terms of the licence, and is essentially stealing the software from the volunteer community which made it.

This kind of behaviour cannot be accepted by anyone who believes in FOSS. Keeping to the requirements of a FOSS licence is fundamental to building software together. If powerful people get away with stealing FOSS, people may be reluctant to build FOSS in the first place.

Hopefully someone will take legal action, but in the meantime we can block these instances in case they try to federate:

#Fediverse #Fediblock #TruthSocial #Trump #MastoAdmin #Mastodon

Hi! First of all, I'm sorry about the amount of questions I'm asking these days, I just don't want to fuck up.

I'm running the Linux 5.13.19-2 kernel on :manjaro: and I received a notification saying that the Linux 5.14.10-1 was available. Should I update? Thanks in advance!

I don't really understand why I even bother explicitly asking for a paper of min 8 pages - max 12 pages if they're going to ignore that and just hand in 4 pages.

That part of the assignment is not optional, my dude, is mandatory. And you just failed your midterm.

It's a beautiful day outside, warm, perfect for a quick ride...except I'm stuck reading and grading midterms.

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Ok, so first few impressions on :manjaro:
-The learning curve is way steeper than what I thought (probs because I went with the KDE DE instead of Gnome)
-The AUR is a godsend, I've had less trouble installing pkg so far.
-It has some quirks that I can't quite work out yet (like the fact that I changed the background in the login screen but the default one still appears)

Overall I think it'll be better in the long run but the learning curve is making me google just about everything

I got it! Ok, so apparently if you install something from snap you can't pin that app to the taskbar, which is kinda weird.
Uninstalled the snap version of brave and installed the AUR version and now it's pinned to my taskbar

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Good morning!
I'm having a bit of an issue here. I installed Manjaro and one of the first things I did was install Brave. I installed it from snap, which is the supported official way to install it according to the brave webpage. However I can't pin the icon to my taskbar (I can with other browsers like chromium). What should I do?

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