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vibes. I love this OS. seeing a functional system with a grand total of… 7 packages that is clean, responsive, and secure is refreshing.

ThinkPad UEFI firmware patches collection

Remove wifi or wwan whitelist? Unlock advanved menu and overclocking? All patches are here!
(I'm not sure if *50 series display whitelist patch is here, but anyway)

It's not Coreboot related. It patches stock ThinkPad Firmware (aka #Lenovo BIOS or PhoenixBIOS)

#thinkpad #firmware #uefi

The 24-metre Noé is "a mobile autonomous floating dwelling" designed by Jean-Pierre Brouns for the Meta shipyard in France.

Within its shallow-draft, aluminium hull, which resembles a post-modern sampan, customisable accommodation for four-plus, a garage, greenhouse, and two 135hp diesel or electric engines.

To make his name famous for all time until distant days, and to transmit to posterity and the days to come the praise poems of his power, the songs of his might, and the lasting fame of his exceptional intelligence, King Culgi, king of Urim, has brought the songs' latent wisdom before the mighty son of Ninsumun. He praises his own power in song, and lauds his own superior native intelligence:

my mobile adhoc mesh network design is getting pretty close to the prototype stage, i'm excited about that. i've been looking into ways to visualize the various components so i can make pretty explainers covering the entire system.

Oh no… our AC gave up the ghost today. Bracing for a $5k - $10k expense in the next few days. Unavoidable given it’s the middle of the summer in the middle of the desert. Still 102F out at 8:22pm. On an unrelated note, feel free to swing by my shop at and pick up an affordable gift! All proceeds go to cover a massive unexpected expense!!

anyone here good at tcl/tk? (pls boost)

Anyone have any boot recommendations? Something you can wear all day

stable diffusion hits it out of the park 

Okay, I am flat out loving this imagery.

In the first place, we are unequivocally opposed to the doctrine of total depravity. We hold that men are depraved only in so far as their surroundings make them so, and if those surroundings were removed, their depravity would disappear.
-- Joseph Labadie

#anarchism #quote #bot

Oxxxymiron just released a new track, ОЙДА, on which he references the blue/white/blue antiwar flag that's everywhere at the Russians Against War protests here in London: "На нашем флаге белый снег и синяя река (И всё)" / "On our flag is white snow and a blue river (and that's all)"

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