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Anarchy, today, is attack; it is war against every authority, every power, every state. In the future society, anarchy will be defence, the prevention of the re-establishment of any authority, any power, any state.
-- Carlo Cafiero

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People: "Oh, you have autism... you must probably be uncapable of doing anything"
Also People: "Hey, let's have this person with a seriously fucked up mental disability advise us on the safety on our platform!"

So, after my , another friend has gotten one on ...
For ...
That he made *himself*...

Just like my strike, YouTube said "they can't determine whether he has any reason to file a dispute"...


I have way too much fruit in Animal Crossing :^)
If you want to have some, I can sell them to you for a small fee.
Feel free to ask about the details if you're interested :)

A company striked my channel.
I opened a .
tells me they can't determine whether I have a valid reason to open a dispute and as such will not take my request into action.

"Yes, you need a reason to file a reason why this video is wrongfully striked"

Sorry guys, I'm not that active on Mastodon anymore...
Please feel me to join my Discord (you know, that non-federated chat thing a lot of ppl use) server if you want to hit me up :)

Sorry guys, not very active on here anymore since I mainly use my own subreddit to post stuff now :p
still looking into making some kind of reddit bridge somewhere in the (not so) near future.

>ls shows file exists
>cat DEFINITELY shows file exists (spoiler alert: never run cat on a binary...)
>cli autocompletes the name when pressing tab
>No such file or directory

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