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Today is a sad day...
I closed a few hundred Firefox tabs from boorus without saving the goodies to Hydrus T_T

(would have taken too much manual labour and it started to affect PC performance)

Got in my Samsung T5 disk : >
Just 2 more weeks until I'm gonna order my new camera \o/

@finlaydag33k @fluffy

"stage 5 fluff" sounds like something you'd hear over the PA at NASA. 😁

Lots of people are looking for secure chat platforms and stuff like that. So I thought I'd create a poster.

I excluded Telegram because it's pretty much like WhatsApp. And this

I would've included Signal, but I'm being skeptical here and Signal looks a bit suspicious since it requires your phone number etc.

What are your thoughts on this?

@parker @finlaydag33k

Similarly, adding some kind of useful economic activity to PoW doesn't make it more efficient.

I think it would make people a lot less anxious about the "wasted energy" involved. For instance I think if Foldingcoin was #1 people would have a lot less rage against PoW.

That said I do think the mindset "People shouldn't be allowed to use energy" and it's logical conclusions "We have a right to limit people's energy use for the greater good" is a one-way road to 99% of people starving/freezing to death.

I will go a step further. Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency space exist because there is a massive market to replace the banking system because it's entirely run by criminals.
If we prosecuted them and properly regulated the industry the entire idea would be redundant.

I firmly believe that cryptocurrency is the wrong solution to a serious problem. Instead I advocate people temporarily barter (cryptocurrency can be an instrument for this) as a mechanism to keep government and finance in check.

"decentralized" systems 

what they say: out network is anonymous and untraceable!

what they mean: there is a public log of your every action, your only protection is a pseudonym.

>partake in Minecraft social experiment
>everything going good
>different nations form and arm themselves
>Archduke from one of the nations gets assasinated
>Different nations go to war
>Me: "Dejavu"

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