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Finally updated my matrix server, and I didn't completely blow everything up \o/

@deprecated_ii @orionstjames Highly skilled PHP developer needed
・Must be younger than 25 years old.
・Must have at least 20 years of experience with OOP, Scrum, and Agile.
・Experience with HTML, CSS (but only if it's SCSS, no normal CSS allowed), JavaScript (but only if it's React and Vue, no normal JS allowed).
・Experience with Java, C#, C++, Python, Node.js, and Go.
・Experience with Zend, Laravel, and CakePHP, BUT NO REAL PHP, NOT IN MY COMPANY!!
・Experience with GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
・Experience with unit testing.
・Experience with mobile app development.
・Experience with Microsoft Office, Xcode, Visual Studio 2020, and Photoshop.

Nice to have:
・Has a MacBook Pro or a Windows laptop.

So much new people signing up to Fedi lately.
I wonder how much Musk's hostile takeover of Twitter has to do with it :thonking:

That's what I can say to all the new people joining!

Remember - if you feel that this instance is not really for you, you can always export your data (that means followers, follows etc) and move to an instance that you like.

There is no lock-in, no walled garden, no algorithm designed to hook you.

Probably time I wrote an actual #introduction piece ...

I'm a software engineer heavily focused on #privacy and infosec. I frequently work with #FOSS software and have been known to release my own tools as well. I write everything from #javascript to #golang, but have a soft spot in my heart for #php. I've even written books on the topic - most recently on the intersection of PHP and #security.

I also support hobbies in #woodworking, #writing, and #cooking. I love to hike with my kids :-)

Busy all day trying to integrate my Google Calendar into Ninym (because the iCal is trash and doesn't show all my appointments - also it's inefficient af)...
Just to find out that I need a Google Workspace account which I don't have --'

Fuck off

Finally got a nice new from : >
Also got a t-shirt but that's in the laundry rn.

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