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So what are my fedifriends doing today?
Me? Absolutely jackshit thing different from normal (just working on my CMS n such)

Since I tuned my spamfilter a bit and moved a bunch of spam to the spamfolder manually (so it can update it's bayes filter), my inbox is surprisingly empty.

Literally all there is atm is an ongoing dispute between me and a merchant.

facts don't care about your logic 😎

Watching Shaman King (the OG one) again...
God, I forgot just how silly some jokes are.

Am hungry...
Am also too lazy to walk downstairs to make f00d

I had to euthanize a fishy D:

(didn't eat for a week now, always floating about at the surface, had white "strings" coming out of the gills and now also developed what looks like a cyst on his head)

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