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getting my vagina bones removed so i can suck my ribs more easily

someone: "Recommendations for a VPN?"
People: *recommend garbage public VPNs that just prey on the ignorance of people*

NordVPN: "We care about your privacy"
Also NordVPN: "We use Google Analytics"

Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

Does anyone know a device like Amazon Alexa/Google Home Mini that is compatible with something like

Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities

This is gorgeous.


Imma go ahead and consider setting up PowerDNS with more haste...

You know, a decentralized system that doesn’t depend on a single point of failure like cloudflare would not be succeptible to these issues.

One issue that I have with matrix, and especially the debian package that they have - is that every single config is located in a big .yaml file.
Instead of having a directory where you freely can include configs, and new files can be added during updates.

If you send BitCoin to 1GesK7RXJUzxakUeCwdS213rBH1BLxUp8Q, I won't be generous and double the amount, but I will make a drawing or vector design for you. :blobcatgoogly:

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