@mametsuko The former is a statement that tells about something (in this case the questionmark is used to imply either disbelieve/surprise or "annoyance").
The latter is a question that asks about something.

Some similar examples:
- "I am an engineer?" vs "Am I an engineer?"
- "I like brot?" vs "Do I like brot?"
- "He is a weeb?" vs "Is he a weeb?"

@RTP I still have an BQ Aquaris e4.5 Ubuntu Edition on which I run UT.
Though I use it mainly to access my dashboard with data (like schedule n stuff), nothing more.

@kaia For a sec I thought it was a seat for a "specific type of people" :^)

venting about open source 

projects which don't write anywhere in their code base where their source code lives, neither Git nor any project page

how am I supposed to find out where to get the most recent version when all I have is an old tar.gz?

@mametsuko tfw you realize Mame's "I'm a bread person" isn't just a meme.

bread meme 

If you can read this, you have been vaccinated against the bread DM virus. Please boost this post so others can be vaccinated, and remember to always DM responsibly.

@selea You're missing the joke :p

>"Nothing really beat hosting my own email server"
>"Except hosting your own email server and not having to pay a single dime for it"

People always say Elon Musk is a genius... yet he hasn't come up with the trivial idea to build a giant refrigerant loop between Earth and Mars to create the biggest airconditioner ever...
Pump all that heat to Mars, solve the warming of the Earth, ezpz.

Shame on you for not realizing this Elon...

@selea still, not having to pay 9 euros/month or having to do proper maintenance is still better than _just_ self-hosting it, right? :^)

@selea Hosting your own email server... without having to do any maintenance or paying for the bills? :drool:

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