@fluffy Get well soon fam.

Dragon maidu is a fun one, why didn't you watch it yet? D:
You've missed out.

@solidsanek Yea, like I said, all just DDR-based games :p
Don't worry, I'm kinda terrible at these games as well since I have hilariously poor motor skills (some issues with the development of my nerves n such).
I do like them though, mainly play Etterna (a continuation of Stepmania), Deemo, KALPA and Groove Coaster.

They just take some time to get used to.

@solidsanek It's in it's core basically the same game, just different "looks" really.
FNF, Stepmania and Etterna are all just based on DDR.
FNF maybe differs a bit in the details but the core game remains the same.

@solidsanek I must commend you for even getting that far...
I can barely get over 80% in some easier maps...

@jbauer "Plemora is a totally balanced social network with no exploits"

"Hmmm, some games that I wanted are on sale, should I get them?"
t. someone who already has a long list of game he own already that he has to play and finish
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