@SuperDicq Correct.
I still need to look into the IPFS protocol handlers a bit more but my plan is simple at it's core.
If they give consent, use either the companion (if available) or js-ipfs (for those that don't have the companion) and then download the file over IPFS.
If they don't give consent, just download it through my own gateway.

But I need to fiddle around to see if that'd work and how I'd implement it.

@SuperDicq I should maybe re-phrase to "asking consent".
Sure, if you run the IPFS companion, you probably want to use IPFS on my site, but I'd rather ask explicit consent to the users first before enabling it for them.

@SuperDicq Idk, just fiddling around atm.
Am looking into putting my research stuff onto it, as well as *potentially* using it as a CDN for my website static assets (like the images in my blogposts), but I still need to work that out in a design that respects user's privacy as well.

@dqn Not me... I'd rather have slow wifi than no wifi...
cus on slow wifi, I can atleast do _something_ :^)

@celesteh Depending on the cause of said issues and the manifestation of the issues (a.k.a "symptoms") it may or may not help.

@rick Never had the blue label one D:

Also never had the hibiki one D:
But 90 euros does sounds quit reasonable.

@rick Ben Nevis (I assume the Sherry Wood?) is a pretty nice one.
Honestly, I don't care whether it's expensive or not... good whiskey is all that matters (heck, my fav bottle so far - Knappogue Castle - "only" costs 41 euros per 70cl bottle).

Had plenty of "expensive" ones (200euro+) that I didn't like that much.

New bottleholder + bottle for on my bike, along with a nice little pump for on the road (you never know when you or someone else needs it) : >

Also some tubeless valves and sealant to go tubeless.
Already did my rear-wheel (took me one and a half hour to convert).
Doing front-wheel later this week (due to some other plans)

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