I do *not* like typing on linear switches D:
(tried to test whether maybe lowering spring weight for a bit would allow me to go faster... buuuuut I go slower because I don't have the needed feedback from tactile switches....

myself to ...
Trying to shift from typing with just 4 fingers to try to type with at least 7 :>

This was long over due but quite a nice QoL thing...
Makes it a lot easier for me to spam me links everywhere without having to remember them (and also makes it easier to update them without having to update stuff like old forum posts and signatures)

Me during the week: *absolutely nothing*
Me during weekend: "Time to finish basically an entire milestone in just two days"

When you use RFC to look professional-ish but deep down you know, nobody is gonna give their input anyways T_T

People: "Bitcoin is a perfectly fine currency for daily use"
Me: "It's too volatile tho"
People: "No it's not, it's perfectly stable"
BTC: "You sure?"

@Piratenpartij Oh dear, klein typfoutje in jullie privacy policy D:
(onder kopje "Verwerking van persoonsgegevens van WordPress gebruikers")

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