Screw Wargaming with their arbitrary FPS limits.
Not a game-engine limit, just a random variable that locks FPS to 75...

Facebook & Satire gone wrong 

Atleast they admitted to being wrong...

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Facebook & Satire gone wrong 

Sum1: *posts satirical meme*
Me: "Wouldn't be surprising if that'd become a real thing s00n(tm)... ofc, must be a transgender Hitler..."
Facebook: "We have removed your post due to it being hate speech and will block you from posting . Do you agree?"
Me: "No"
Facebook: "Normally we'll re-review our decision but we don't have enough stay-at-home workers to review now due to covid-19"
Me: "Why not be honest and admit that you guys are just a bunch of SJW retards"...

new is in : >
Totally different in riding from what I'm used to : >

Slowly but steadly working on my review :)
Still a lot to do but I have about 3/5th done :)

Sorry it takes so long... getting my life back on the rails is kiiiiinda more important wouldn't you agree.

Don't mind me, just making a guide on how to fry your own PC : >

Step two complete : D
I now have running:
- Matrix Server
- Element

Now I need to find a way to get the certificate to be accepted (can't use ACME since ".LAN" is not a valid TLD, on purpose)...

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