The 2 figurines I've scored at the con \o/

Fubuki (left) and Yukikaze (right) from Kancolle \o/
There was also a Yuudachi but someone snatched that before I could D:
Oh well.

Hopefully, next time, there will be more Shimakaze supremacy \o/

I think YouTube's shit algo did another oopsie...

2 views in 9 hours, channel has no real subs, only a single vid (it's just a "testing vid" with nothing but trash) and somehow snuck into my recommendations? :^)

tfw the only torrent (or download for that matter) you find of an album has no seeders T_T

Road kill 

Driving down the highway, dodging a deer... sadly, the car behind me wasn't able to dodge and hit it :\

Stopped in front of the car, made sure the deer was dead (snapped its neck) and talked to the driver to make sure they were ok (as well as getting the roadwatch involved to tow away the car n such)

Updated my Discord bot to automatically yeet usage statistics in my Apache Druid (will be used for some nice graphing later).

Can we please shoot the front-enders @ YouTube on sight already?
What have they done to this, it's retaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarded....

Trying out : >
Trying to make some heatmaps n shit for activity in a Discord server (currently using faked data tho).

Finally updated my matrix server, and I didn't completely blow everything up \o/

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