Slowly but steadly working on my review :)
Still a lot to do but I have about 3/5th done :)

Sorry it takes so long... getting my life back on the rails is kiiiiinda more important wouldn't you agree.

Don't mind me, just making a guide on how to fry your own PC : >

Step two complete : D
I now have running:
- Matrix Server
- Element

Now I need to find a way to get the certificate to be accepted (can't use ACME since ".LAN" is not a valid TLD, on purpose)...

when there is none of those BBQ lighter cubes left but you stil wanna BBQ.

@nitrokey trying to get TOTP setup on my Pro2, however, I keep getting this error.
Any clue?

Got a nice package from @nitrokey :)
Review coming up s00n(tm).
If only it wasn't for this bloody heat over here...

Now that temperatures here are dropping a bit (cus it's night) I got the of by means of a working :)

Will be working on the ability to remove keys from the keyring now, after that, handling expired/revoked keys followed by changing keytrust.

New client I am working on can now import ascii armored keys from an input box :)

(still need to make the other methods - file and keyserver - work)

A more modern looking client with a focus on UX (yes... it is built in Electron tho... not sorry to all the electron haters).

(got permission from @selea to show his stuff, don't worry)

NordVPN: "We care about your privacy"
Also NordVPN: "We use Google Analytics"

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