God, I love the Nvidia fanboys coping with the RTX4090's MSRP of 1959 euros saying things like "but everything is getting more expensive" not realizing that the idiots that bought GPUs for 2k+ during the shortage are the primary cause.

Thanks for the idiots that bought their GPUs during the shortage just to play Roblox, you created a "new normal" :drool:

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@fbievan About the same amount as a pretty decent car :drool:

People paid like 2K+ for a card during the shortage, Nvidia ofc saw that people are *that* willing to pay for a card so just yoinked the MSRP up.

@fbievan Yea... And the worst part is that the exact people that caused it are now coping with "but everything gets more expensive" :drool:

@finlaydag33k ugh, this is basically real estate right now. Its only priced off of what people are willing to pay.

@fbievan Yea, cost-pull inflation is becoming more and more of a joke.

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