Boiling potats

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@finlaydag33k don't peel, the skin's good for ya

I mash my potatoes with the skin on as well

@paul yea, I don't peel them either but my mom looked really weird at me when I throw them in the pan without peeling.

@finlaydag33k IMO it depends on the recipe, the age of the potatoes and the cultivar.
Some sorts or really young taters have a thin and kinda sweet skin, and for stuff like roasted potatoes that adds a nice taste and texture 🥔 🥔 🥔
For mashed potatoes or more "ripe" spuds, the skin must come off :blobfoxknife:

@totoroot Hm... makes sense yea.
In this case, it was just boiling potats then eating.

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