>wake up
>"why isn't my Wireguard connecting?"
>walks upstairs to check router
>"Why isn't my router receiving the packets?"
>notices website monitor gives error
>realizes ISP did maintenance on the network yesterday
>checks IP address

Jepp, it appears I got a new IP address after like 2 years :|


@wagesj45 Sadly, they won't give it to people on a consumer line :\
Even though I had the same IP for so long already, they might as well just have given it as a static to me.

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what will your new solution be? i assume you're aware of the options.

also, its so annoying when ISPs make arbitrary limits for residential lines. just give me a raw tube, dipwads! (my current ISP rocks, this isn't for them)

@wagesj45 Just updating my slave DNS's to be aware of my new IP, update a few CNAME records and done (which I've already all done this morning).

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