New song, already miss Winkler tbf :\
Like, Michzel is not bad but he misses the range that made Winkler fit Angus McFife XIII so well...
The higher ranges aren't nearly as powerful and the lower ranges just lack.

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@finlaydag33k oh, I didn't realise he left the band :/ he was so good in it too.

@sotolf Yea, he had disagreements with the band over business and organizational stuff so they parted ways.
He indeed was imo a perfect fit for Angus McFife XIII.

@finlaydag33k ah, yeah stuff like that happens, has he joined a new one? I'm kind of spoiled with some of the bands I follow the most having a pretty stable grouping, but then again they are also changing styles of music a bit faster than what I'm really wanting :p

@sotolf He has not found a new band as of yet (at least, that I know off).

Most bands I listen also are pretty stable... This news was also *very* sudden as well :\

@finlaydag33k lets hope that the rest of the album is good!

I really loved the previous ones


I actually think this one was ok! My daugthers will love this one thou - since it contains the word "UNICORN" lol

@selea ezmarketing xD
It was quite ok but it just can't come close to the voice of Winkler...

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