Proxmox 6->7 sans encombres \o/

Mis à part le fait que le serveur dns était un container, il a fallu en désigner un autre le temps de la màj :)


@cgx Wait, proxmox 7 got released? :O
Any new features I should have a look at?

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@cgx Oh, I see downloading ISO from URL, that's definitely nice.
Support on containers on custom storages is nice too, been missing that one.
Yubikeys as SSH keys is dope too, although I have exported my SSH keys from my yubi so I have sued that.

Outside that, not too much that I personally care about with my setup but I can definitely see being useful in full-blown setups.

Still kinda miss Docker support tho D:

@finlaydag33k 👌

So you have to plan your upgrade session :owi:

@cgx Mainly to keep up with updates yes :p
Though I'll wait a few months before doing so (so they get times to fix some issues) : >

@finlaydag33k I think it's quite risky to use Debian bullseye as base system , it's only release candidate for the moment at Debian

@cgx I honestly don't know.
I'm just the "if it works, it works" guy :p
But yea, that's why I just wait it out for a while to see how it unfolds.

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