Follow Jezus christ what is up with this header :|
13KB of just header (including some "normal" header stuff) :|

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@finlaydag33k I think it's meant to be a spoof of the Gadsen flag, "ascii snek" might be a play on "no step on snek".

@Dolly Well, that wasn't exactly the thing I was going on about :p
I mainly am just wondering why it's in the header to begin with, as it basically wastes a craptonne of data on each request :|

@finlaydag33k Ah sorry, I don't know the context here. I thought this was some readme file! Is this like.... an HTTP header or something? I hope it isn't!!

@Dolly That...
Is actually the HTTP header that is being send on each request :|

Like this JSON file:

That takes about 13.44KB to download... Of which 13.331KB was just headers :|

@finlaydag33k Oh, it's one of *those* instances.... That explains everything. Good thing my admin defederated from it.

@Dolly Yea... They do have a bot that I like but honestly... I don't think having this kind of bullcrap is worth it.
I'll be discussing it with my instance admin to undertake actions if need be.

@finlaydag33k @Dolly on one hand, 13kb isn't a whole lot comparatively, most webshits waste megabytes on stuff that's equally as useless as those headers; but on the other hand, for a successful request your response header should never be bigger than the response body lol

@nytpu I mean, I agree in part, yes, a lot of sites also have a lot of data waste going on.
But that's not a reason to also do it yourself.
It'd be like saying littering isn't that bad because others litter harder.


We dont have to bother with that anymore, thanks for reporting it.

That is a malicious instance.

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