#Keyoxide 2.5.0 just launched with support for #matrix and #irc identity verification 🎉

More communication platforms!

Details can be found in the blog post: yarmo.eu/post/keyoxide-project

#decentralized #identity #encryption #openpgp #pgp #gpg

@keyoxide Is it possible to add the required bot to my own room as well?
I have a GPG-related room with a bunch of people that might be interested as well.

@finlaydag33k sorry for my delayed reply! Yes, this is possible, though we haven't tested this yet. I'd love to test this out with you.

@keyoxide I'll ask the people in my room if they are fine with it :)


@keyoxide I have asked in the group and nobody seems to be opposed to it, so we can get ahead with it :)
You can contact me on Matrix at @finlaydag33k:finlaydag33k.nl

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