ISP guy came around to replace some shit.
Guy was completely bamboozled when he saw my router :^)
"Where is the router? I only see a switch?"
"That is the router"

Guy expected some janky ass "gaming" garbage router, not a nice MikroTik thing :^)

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@finlaydag33k When I first got DSL almost 20 years ago, eventually the ISP guy gave me his laptop and phone and said “you seems to know more about this than I do.”

My router was just a Linux box at the time.

@RobCampbell Yea... my core network behind the modem is a network that would put even most small businesses to shame...

@finlaydag33k same here. We do IT for small to medium size business and when ever they turn down our network upgrades to keep their Netgear I always tell our sales that if I have a better network at home. Always amazes me.

@RobCampbell Jepp...
At the company I used to work for, my servers, my network and even my power supply was superior over theirs...
- More powerful servers with more RAM, more storage (and faster storage) and faster NICs (1x10Gbit vs 2x1Gbit).
- More powerful network with less overall downtime.
- Redundant UPS system.

They always said they couldn't afford it... but if I have a better setup while basically getting underpaid, you have some serious issues...

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