I'd like to ask you people to boost this post to see how long it'd take for it to reach someone else from my town (Westervoort, The Netherlands).
Of course, that implies that I'm not the only one here that uses Mastodon, but hey, part of the challenge :)

Starting on the 18th of August 2020 :)


Ladies, Gentleman and everything in between, we've done it!
I've gotten in touch with a person in my hometown (frankly enough, he/she lived even closer than we'd thought).
Sadly, said person did not want to get announced here for his/her privacy.

Thanks everyone who has participated!

@InspectorCaracal @finlaydag33k That's like a two hour drive away from me, I don't think I know a single person in the province, but I'll boost. 👍

@BalooUriza neat : >
Kinda the other side of the planet but hey, maybe someone there manages to get it closer again!

@basvanhaastregt Oof :p
Nouja, het schiet in iedergeval wel op :)
Ik had er al eentje die 2 uur verderop woont (wss ook ongeveer de andere kant van het land, of onze buren).
De reach in ene dag is al best groot : D

@CountZero Sadly not yet.
I have seen three people from the Netherlands fly by, but no-one from my hometown.
Considering we have around 15k people here, there should atleast be a fair chance I'm not the only one from here on Fedi... Even if I'd loosen the rules a bit towards (directly) neighbouring towns/cities (and considering Arnhem is one of them...)

@SwooshyCueb Let's hope he'll be able to help out :)

(also, now you know two!)

@finlaydag33k I had to double check if I was reading a post from Facebook's Mastodon instance :-)

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