o-ring modded my keyboard (Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S with MX Brown) a few days ago, but I still feel like it's too loud...
Anyone from the community that can help?

(mainly the "clack")


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@finlaydag33k @mkb I do not know much about mech keyboards (only own 2), but AFAIK, the tactile clack is caused by the tactile bump in the keyswitch so that you can feel it.

MX red may have this to a lesser extent, if my memory serves right.

@m4iler Hmm... I've always heard that it had to do with the keycaps themselves bottoming out.

@finlaydag33k well yeah, at the bottom.

But if you hear a clack during the travel, it may be the action at the "tactile point".

Anyways, never heard the keyboard, I'd need a video to know what you mean. But if you have clacks while bottoming out after O-ringing it, it is most likely something I didn't encounter before.

@m4iler No, the clack happens at the bottom :p
It used to be worse before I o-ringed it but it's still a bit too loud for my tastes (especially since I stream a lot and these keys are very audible on stream...)

@finlaydag33k You could try Zealencio or QMX clips. I've never tried them myself though.

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