@finlaydag33k Hi, thanks for joining!

With regards to keys.openpgp.org, I'm noticing the returned key doesn't contain a user-id, this is usually the case for new uploads that haven't confirmed the email yet that has been sent to the main email address.

With regards to WKD, there seems to be something wrong with the link. finlaydag33k.nl/.well-known/op should return the key but instead I get a page.

@keyoxide Thanks for the reply.

I have not received any mail for confirmation yet (also checked the spambox) :(

Also, I have setup WKD by using the WKD as a Service:


@finlaydag33k please note that keys.openpgp.org won't serve your key properly until it's confirmed. Might check back with them if there is an issue on their side. Especially when you also use their service for WKD it explains why that doesn't work either.

Meanwhile you can deploy WKD for yourself on your website. On how to do that, @keyoxide has a guide for it here:


Alternatively you can also check mine:


@sheogorath I'll have a fiddle around with it, thanks :)

The main issue why I wanted to use their servers is because I use a staging setup... so I need to do a lot of things just to update that key...
Though I could probably make something for that...

@finlaydag33k I think it's a good idea and a good way to go, you just have to check that you verify your key. If that's not possible or you don't want to wait then self-hosting is an alternative.

@sexybiggetje I mean, I have to be honest here...
If somebody that is willing to spend some effort at it and is reasonably technical has difficulties with it, it makes mass adoption a lot more difficult cus no "normal" person is gonna spend that effort into figuring it out...

Ok I tried to wrap it with a positive remark, but that reflects my feelings as well.

Keyoxide is doing good, but the issues you have should not appear as it scares people away.

Signal was doing things right, but the pin debacle was throwing people off. Session messenger is doing things right, but noone uses it. Long answer short; we need good UI/UX and fool proof products.

@finlaydag33k @keyoxide As for WKD, I can't retrieve your key from the command line:

gpg -v --auto-key-locate clear,wkd,nodefault --locat
e-key me@finlaydag33k.nl
gpg: using pgp trust model
gpg: error retrieving 'me@finlaydag33k.nl' via WKD: No data
gpg: error retrieving 'me@finlaydag33k.nl' via None: No public key
gpg: key "me@finlaydag33k.nl" not found: No public key

@haru Yea, according to @sheogorath I need to confirm my key... for which I've been waiting for a confirmation mail the entire day...
Currently looking into how to get WKD setup on my own server as opposed to the WKD-as-a-service from opengp's keyserver.

@finlaydag33k @sheogorath WKD: Fairly simple: keyoxide.org/guides/web-key-di

Confirm key: Did you upload through the web interface or from the command line?

@finlaydag33k Weird. You could go to keys.openpgp.org/manage , put your email address in and see what happens. I had uploaded mine from the command line and so didn't get the confirmation. This worked for me.

@haru "no key for address"...
yikes... I'll retry from the commandline in a sec now that I'm home again

@haru @sheogorath @keyoxide I was a reeeeetard... I forgot to click the "send verification mail" button on the upload page...

Now it works :)

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