@itst3k oof an N270... singlecore 1.6GHz... I remember trying to find something that worked nicely on it... I failed...

@itst3k Maybe try building an arch distro (or some other small distro) and install Mopidy on it?


@itst3k "Vanilla Mopidy only plays music from your local disk and radio streams."

you could do some things tho:
- Built an extention allowing it to play through something like DLNA (though these might already exist)
- Mount a network share (using something like fstab)

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@itst3k the best way to learn is through practice :)
Could maybe even use something like Alpine linux I guess?

@itst3k yw :)
if you have any questions left, feel free to ask :)

also, use the "" tag if you have any questions like the original question :)

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