me a + !
Preferably a bit clean looking (flat is justice)

Must run:
- VSCodium
- GitKraken
- Docker
- Vivaldi

Stuff I'd like to run (not a requirement):
- Bash
- Station

Will run on a laptop with the following specs:
- AMD E3-350 (dualcore 1.6GHz)
- 250GB HDD

Thanks guys, I think I'll give Pop_OS! a try first and then, if I don't like it as much, I'll give OpenSUSE a try :)

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@finlaydag33k @selea I have heard good things about Pop_OS! or however it is written. Fedora is pretty minimalistic, too, but you probably won’t appreciate how fast it moves.

@L1Cafe No, I'm not a big fan of Fedora... I prefer to keep going with systems for a long time (not neccessarily something like rolling-release but LTS).

I have heard a big deal of Pop_OS! too but never tried it.

@finlaydag33k Antergos if you like bleeding edge, Debian if you're ok with being a bit behind for extra stability.

@rodrigo I've tried Antergos a little while ago, wasn't much of a fan of it :\

@finlaydag33k openSUSE is fantastic. Been my home for a little under 2 years. The only other one that even tempts me is Solus.

@gray Wait... hang on... Solus *looks* like pretty much everything I wanted...
I'll give that a try first

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