@inditoot I have no doubt it'll get hacked at some point tho... mean, I have a rich history of getting hacked xD

@inditoot I actually am :p
I do as much on it as I can but there's always *something* I forget or did not see coming.
Been paying a lot more attention since the last time I got hacked but I can never be 100% sure.

But hey, atleast I don't store passwords in plain-text like Facebook did.

why dont use something like rocket chat they also support fedration?

Yeah facebook sucks

@inditoot well, tbf, it doesn't make much of a difference.

- Getting hacked using RocketChat vs getting hacked using Matrix, no real difference (not taking in consideration security issues with the programs themselves).
- I don't really know anybody that used RocketChat but I do know some that use Matrix (so that's already a loss).

I know I *could* use the RocketCloud chat but then somebody else making a fuckup (like Matrix did) means I'm at a higher risk vs I fucked up, so I'm at risk.


hmm well its upto individuals what they want to use although -

You can talk to matrix user from rocket chat and comparing two Rocket chat is way better than matrix. alot secure than matrix 🤔


@inditoot I didn't know that you could bridge the two (although it does make sense now that I think of it), but if more people I know that use Matrix, then it'd make sense to keep sticking to Matrix right?

Also, how would Rocket Chat be better than Matrix?
I don't see much difference except basic LDAP support (which Matrix can do with an auth provider)?
In fact, Matrix looks like it can do a lot more than Rocket Chat can (without the "pro" version)
I'm talking about the free self-hosted version


Rocket chat support fedration even with xmpp i think.

i seen many dev talking how matrix has so many security flaw and you can see there Github they removed quite alot issue from there repository in recent days.


Rocket is much secure maybe atleast at base level and it has enough features even in free version.

Channels for Team chat
Direct msg
Video call through Jitsi or webrtc
OTR encryption
voice msg although it has some issue as of now'
what you need more ?🤔

@inditoot So ehm... what is your point? :p
I don't see anything in the list rocket chat has that Matrix doesn't have.

@inditoot I don't know what you mean? I've never really seen anybody claim that Matrix is insecure?
I think you are talking about the hacks from matrix.org from a few days ago?
If so, then that hack is due to somebody gaining access to their infrastructure, which is specific to matrix.org (and not the Matrix protocol).


I am searching for a toot where kanini and a guy was talking about it wait a little

@matrix They didn't, they just got trolled by the person that hacked their infra so they closed a lot of tickets (from the hacker)

Why did they remove the release file?
"E: The repository 'matrix.org/packages/debian bionic Release' no longer has a Release file."

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