Made a post on my blog to share my on what I think we might expect of when it get's released.
Please do note that these are just that, .
They are in no way, shape or form confirmed details on AMD Navi and should thus be taken with a grain of salt :)

@finlaydag33k interesting read! one thing i've seen mentioned a few times is this [HBM wikipedia page -- i've seen it mentioned elsewhere, but don't have a source] "Samsung also announced a lower cost version of HBM under development targeting mass markets. Removing the buffer die and decreasing the number of TSVs lowers cost, though at the expense of a decreased overall bandwidth (200 GB/s)." I'm not sure of the significance, but the implications could be interesting.

@nickchapman Hmm, I didn't know Samsung was working on that.
Though 200GB/s is still plenty faster than the 16GB/s-ish for GDDR6 and consumers probably win't notice the drop in bandwidth too much.

I have updated the post to reflect these findings :)

@finlaydag33k i'm sure you've watched analysis by adoredtv? otherwise, definitely do. i've enjoyed insights by theultimatecomputerscientist on YouTube as well. take care!

@nickchapman I have seen them, but they didn't really state anything but the obvious as far as I could tell :\

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