@selea @ned @fcktheworld587 comming from a a news channel with "MS" in their name, this is quite normal.... 😁

@fcktheworld587 everyone that uses Gentoo is now on a CIA watchlist 🤣

@fcktheworld587 Holy fucking shit!! Did she swallow a /g/ bait whole!?

@fcktheworld587 she is a fucking idiot but then so are her viewers so the propaganda will be effective

@fcktheworld587 “New revelations make the reporting look even worse”.

I mean, the facts probably make Giuliani’s case stronger, but a lack of knowledge of anything that isn’t spoon fed to the general public by corporate media makes it sound much, much worse.

@fcktheworld587 i hear keyboard is a pretty advanced hacking tool. It's used to punch in commands that crack securities.

@ledocool431 The hacking tool known as an "Operating System", according to the tech directory, GitHub

@fcktheworld587 It remembers me a French deputy saying that the bitcoin was located in Paris (one of the guys was worried of not knowing where it was).
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