Bought a 32GB memory stick for T460s (32+4=36GB) I'm so happy now

Just watched The Avengers: Infinity War again. There is one question I don't think I can figure out: who would follow Thanos and what are their motivations?

I took the beta version of Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate test back in December, and just got the news that I passed! The best thing about it? It didn't cost me anything!

To be more specific, most software can be installed by downloading .rpm directly, but I like the idea of AUR or openSUSE Build Service

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What keeps me from using Fedora as a daily driver is the lack of essential software. Fusion and Copr combined is not up to my liking.

I left my Windows 10 work machine sleep during the night like I normally do, and it crashed itself with a blue screen. It was so bright that even after two reflections the monitor's light still woke me up,

Why does Amazon sell 32GB version Kindle Paperwhite? Kindle isn't a good choice for comics IMO so who would need that much storage for text books?

Rant about UPS delivery 

UPS attempted a third delivery, and this time the driver actually dragged ass out of their truck and put a delivery notice! What an effort! But the delivery notice says nothing about where and when to pick up. I DM'ed their Twitter support, they forwardde the message down, and local warehouse called me with really bad altitude basically saying "hurry the fuck up we are not gonna hold it for long but we are closed today" Google Maps has 1.1 star for that location no wonder.

My conspiracy theory is: UPS will only actually deliver on the third (final) attempt. The first two false attempts are Just to make their statistics look better!

UPS delivery failed me, once again. Tracking says: 10:30 a.m receiver was not available at the time of the second delivery (the same for the first delivery). I was sitting at home all along! They never attempted as far as I know!

Okay it's been a while since I touched social media. Hope I didn't miss too much! Looking forward to finding some interesting accounts to follow ,,,

Real life horror story: friend of mine trying to take remote exam on a Macbook Pro with ANSI layout; the lab computer has ISO Italian layout. The test is focused on the software MATLAB where one has to input symbols like [] {} ' " ; : / The best part is that this friend also uses non-QWERTY layout. Let us all hope the best for him.

It’s been a while since my last toot. Well, I decided to leave Italy and continue my studies remotely. Not a easy decision to make, but I do not see the point of staying if everything can be done online.

Thanks to the hardworking people at Poste Italiane, I can still receive my new toy🧸 during this difficult time

As I'm working/studying from home and will be like this for a considerable amount of time in the future, I desperately need Gnome 3.36's new feature: do not disturb 😅 Come on openSUSE Tumbleweed, Arch people's got the update for a week by now

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We're thrilled to announce the official release of GNOME 3.36 "Gresik". This version contains 6 months of work by the GNOME community and includes many improvements, performance enhancements, and new features. Please see the link below for more info:

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