@wuwei separating accounts is like dual-booting, eventually you will stay on Windows and forget about Ubuntu on sda5

Bought a 32GB memory stick for T460s (32+4=36GB) I'm so happy now

@wuwei I see. And also I guess Thanos promises his army they can survive the 50/50 snap

Just watched The Avengers: Infinity War again. There is one question I don't think I can figure out: who would follow Thanos and what are their motivations?

@selea USB-C docks market is still wild west imo. It works when it works

I took the beta version of Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate test back in December, and just got the news that I passed! The best thing about it? It didn't cost me anything!

@heavenly_general and so that NSA can just buy whatever data they want

@wuwei DisplayCAL and ArgyllCMS for colour calibration, and veracrypt for disk encryption. They are in Copr repo but I cannot get them installed on Fedora 33 beta.

To be more specific, most software can be installed by downloading .rpm directly, but I like the idea of AUR or openSUSE Build Service

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What keeps me from using Fedora as a daily driver is the lack of essential software. Fusion and Copr combined is not up to my liking.

I left my Windows 10 work machine sleep during the night like I normally do, and it crashed itself with a blue screen. It was so bright that even after two reflections the monitor's light still woke me up,

Why does Amazon sell 32GB version Kindle Paperwhite? Kindle isn't a good choice for comics IMO so who would need that much storage for text books?

@selea ortholinear keyboard on a side-sliding phone, how fancy

Rant about UPS delivery 

UPS attempted a third delivery, and this time the driver actually dragged ass out of their truck and put a delivery notice! What an effort! But the delivery notice says nothing about where and when to pick up. I DM'ed their Twitter support, they forwardde the message down, and local warehouse called me with really bad altitude basically saying "hurry the fuck up we are not gonna hold it for long but we are closed today" Google Maps has 1.1 star for that location no wonder.

@retiredguru @retiredguru Btw, my local Canada Post has been mostly reliable, even during COVID times. I don't hear as much complaints as USPS get in the States 😅

@retiredguru That's unfortunate. Still, I'm hesitate o draw conclusions like "UPS is bad" or something just because of my limited experience dealing with them. It may not be the case for people in another region at a different time.

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