Thanks to the hardworking people at Poste Italiane, I can still receive my new toy🧸 during this difficult time

On day 2 of here are my trophies. The kind people at GENTOO stand helped me compiled my very own GENTOO pin!

Bought this beautiful ThinkPad SK-8845 keyboard for my wife as a gift. She and I both love it! It is brand new, made in 2015 and priced at $150CAD on eBay

Learning to read, and possibly write, Traditional Chinese. Another rabbit hole I'm throwing myself in...

Trying to replicate school thesis word template using LaTeX. Took me a while to get it right, but the outcome is totally worth it!

Bought this laptop stand from Amazon. However my 15 inch Dell laptop keeps tilting due to large inclination angle. I solved it by utilizing the 2-in-1 nature and an external keyboard. Ha!


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