What keeps me from using Fedora as a daily driver is the lack of essential software. Fusion and Copr combined is not up to my liking.

To be more specific, most software can be installed by downloading .rpm directly, but I like the idea of AUR or openSUSE Build Service


Can you give an example of some software you're missing?

@wuwei DisplayCAL and ArgyllCMS for colour calibration, and veracrypt for disk encryption. They are in Copr repo but I cannot get them installed on Fedora 33 beta.


DisplayCAL is in the stable version, you have to be paitent if you're using beta

ArgyIICMS as far as I know works only on python2 so that's out of the picture until they update sadly

Veracrypt uses a weird liceance and since most users just use built-in LUKS it wasn't included just to be safe (again as far as I know)

Seems to me that an older version of Fedora could suit you better(or even a different distro)

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