I am starting to think about getting a "Blackbird Secure Desktop" by Raptor Engineering.
That would mean that I would abandon x86 and more over to the POWER architecture. I currently see no real issue here (except for the cost) because the Linux-distros I use works for that architecture.


@selea initial thought: how does POWER9 compare to ARM platforms for personal use

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Well ARM get's alot more attention because it is _VERY_ much affordable compared to POWER9.
POWER9 does have higher performance thou, while ARM focuses on being effective.

@selea I see the price tag of IBM POWER9 processor, I'll hold on to my Rock64 then πŸ˜…

@ewon_c @selea The POWER platform really can't be described as being easy on your electrical outlet, let's put it that way.

@cuniculus @ewon_c @selea That's one of the reasons - the major one was that IBM didn't give Apple enough attention in developing new, faster and cooler PPC chips which meant that Apple never was able to deliver a Powerbook G5.

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