Anyone with a recommendation on an FTP client other than FileZilla that is Free Software Foundation / Libre / OpenSource approved for GNU/Linux?

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@eastcoastweb There is always the good old command-line tool that is simply called "ftp" (netkit-ftp). Otherwise check the Category/Network-hookup/ftp category in the Free Software Directory:

@eliasr True, but looking for something with GUI. Offerings appear slim to none at the FSF... I was hoping perhaps I was missing something. If not I guess sticking with FileZilla will have to do. It is listed there, looking to replace as much non-free stuff as I can.

@eastcoastweb OK let me try again 🙂

The default file manager in GNOME, called nautilus, can be used to access FTP servers. In the panel to the left in nautilus you choose "Other Locations", then you have "Connect to Server" at the bottom, enter e.g. "" there. Maybe not as smooth as FileZilla but it seems to work.

@eliasr Thank you, I did not know that. I will check it out. :)

@1ll173r47 CyberDuck is Windows and Macintosh only from what I can see.

@eastcoastweb I was thinking of the cyberduck CLI. But you probably want a GUI so that won’t work.

@kaalki Yes (I think yesterday). Did not have a GUI was CLI only?

@kaalki I would be fine with CLI, but I am transferring files back and forth so much as a web developer that not having a GUI would be a workflow killer (for me at least). We are talking about uploading a file, checking the website in a browser, making a change uploading again and again etc.

@eastcoastweb Wouldn't it be better to use something like syncthing than.

@kaalki I don't know. I manage a hundred or more sites. Many different servers, don't want every save to get uploaded sometimes.

@eastcoastweb Probably not as feature-rich as FileZilla and I personally haven't tried it, but Snowflake could be something worth trying. It's like a remote file manager that uses SFTP and SSH.
It's currently available for Linux and Windows.

I usually just use my file manager (Dolphin because I am on KDE).

@joacim @selea Sure, try doing that 1,000 times a day every day through your 12-hour workday. Every 5 minutes sometimes. Just not realistic workflow for what I do. I don't FTP once in awhile I do it all day everyday.

@eastcoastweb @selea That wasn't part of your original scope so good luck - I'm sure you'll find someone who will help you.

@joacim @selea True, sorry about that. I realized afterward that I would get CLI recommendations. It would be fine if FTP wasn't such a repetitious part of my workflow.

@eastcoastweb But the CLI way of doing things is super-good for repetitious things, just put it in a script! ;-)

@joacim @selea

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