So Google removes Google API services from Chromium. For security reasons, which is BS. Just trying to force you into using Chrome. Question is, if you're on Linux, you're not here to be tracked and marketed too. So why the hell would you be using Chrome/Chromium anyway as a daily browser? I understand testing, but Google needs to die! EVIL CORP!

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People don't want to give up little conveniences for freedom/privacy.

There are groups of people who try to prove that chromium is better than firefox (maybe it is), and other people start using it who just want powerful software.

@eastcoastweb Here is my "why": my main #browser is #Firefox with the usual privacy-enhancing add-ons. Unfortunately, there are too many web pages that don't work when #privacy is enhanced. So you need a second browser which is a "naked" #Chromium on my side.

@publicvoit @eastcoastweb that's my use case exactly. My FF is configured so it breaks a lot of sites. Which is ok because the ones I care about work.

For everything else I have an ungoogled-chromium which is configured to erase and forget everything on exit. I lovingly call it the "trash browser". 🙂

I agree, I do not use chromium as my daily browser, however in real life I sometimes have to access sites/services that do not run on Firefox.

E.g. some stupid video conferencing sites.

Therefore I need Chromium.

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