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Alphabet, Google, Meta, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe are our enemies, if you're using anything from them, by them or connected to them you are aiding in the downfall of our privacy, human rights and all that is good within technology. They are ALL in bed with another enemy, the governments of EVERY country. Stop them, stop using them.

Perspective has changed. The role has switched when I wasn't looking. The Grandchild looking up towards my Grandfather. Now I am the Grandfather looking down towards my Grandchild.

The experiences have changed and yet I have this sense of wonder on how I never knew one day I would know. I've stepped out into another world that existed and exited another.

My go-to Music Player on GNU/Linux was Rhythmbox until now. I think I've switched to DeaDBeeF now. I am a GTK person, but never GNOME (now). QT,KDE is never an option for me.

it's been 16 years, you can stop pretending to be excited by smartphones.

If your account has ZERO posts and your following or your account has gone dormant, you've just been removed from following me. Not that you can see this now! I've also turned on follower approval. There seems to be a bot/spammer problem on Mastadon as a late.

I simply HATE remasters. Digital is NOT better than analogue when it comes to music/audio. It is over-processed and looses it's punch. Some of the best recorded music is from the 1970s. It was recorded on tape. I don't want your remastered crap. I won't the original recording, anything else is easily noticed as different. I also don't want your MP3. Give me a full quality FLAC if anything.

Heads up! #Microsoft is on track to ban all commercial activity by #FOSS projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on #copyleft for their app store! 😡️ We demand rollback of this new policy:

GNU/Linux E-mail Clients all suck, have always sucked and will continue to suck. Leading the field of suck is Thunderbird. It sucks so much it even sucks on MacOS and Windows. Don't worry, they all suck, it is probably why I continue to use Web based clients that also suck. I just don't need to install the suck, they can suck elsewhere. That makes it all less sucky.

SpyFU just had 216 domains used by Google added to the list of blocked domains/servers, along with some more Twitter and Facebook/Meta's. If you'd like to add to the list and help the project out feel free here:

Latest Firefox release adds the ability to toggle the display of the download panel when a download starts. Right-click the download panel icon and uncheck "show panel when download begins".

I've been on EndeavourOS for awhile now. Probably the longest running distro for me. Well, got a wild hair and switched over to Manjaro. The distro-hop never stops, it just happens less for me then from when I first switched to GNU/Linux.

Atom (code editor from GitHub), MS VSCode (code editor from MS) that spys on you, Microsoft buys GitHub, GitHub sunsets Atom to concentrate instead on VSCode. Why because it spys on you. That's why. VSCode was MS copying everything Atom did. Both were Electron apps. The spys continue to win.

We are sad to inform our community that Marina Zhurakhinskaya died on Saturday. Outreachy wouldn't exist without her dedication, which continued until her last day.

This just in: Ubuntu has reached end of life. Users are urged to switch to another non-Ubuntu based distro, like Debian or Arch. Anything non-Ubuntu, Non-Windows and non-Mac will do if needed.

I've published my custom blocking list for UBlock Origin and other blocking add-ons to CodeBerg as a repository open to public collaboration, usage and sharing. It blocks Google, Meta, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others servers and their IDNs too. You can find it here:

Been a month since I posted anything on here. So much going on at home with having to put my Mother into an assisted living facility. House repairs, moving things, throwing things out. The wife and I are both physically and emotionally exhausted. However, we are just about at the top of the mountain now and getting ready to descend down, eventually getting to what our future lives will be in this house we all called home for 16 years.

While I am at it, also transferring recordings from tape of bands I was in on drums, from 16 years of age into my early 20s. Some I haven't heard since back then. Talking 80s, early 90s. So weird hearing them now at 50 years old.

Transferring an audio tape of my Father's voice from 1971, the year I was born, the year before he died in a car accident to digital files. I've heard the tape last year for the first time when we found it, but now easier to listen to, repair some, enhance some etc. Voice sounds like me, almost to being eerie.

I wiped yesterday and re-installed EndeavourOS yesterday w/ Cinnamon. I was hesitant, but now that I am convinced this is where I am staying I wanted a cleaner setup with only the packages I use all the time installed.

I have the right to be wrong. It doesn't matter what it is I believe in. I don't want nor need someone filtering out what they feel is disinformation or "fake news". Censorship is what the watchers use to make sure their narrative is the only one that rises to the top. Who watches the watchers? Other watchers? Who watches them? Glad I stopped using months ago for StartPage. are already dead. DuckDuckGo now burried on top of them all.

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