Anyone out there know of a replacement for Okular that allows me to easily add text to a PDF? I don't want anything to do with KDE since I am on Cinnamon (GTK) and Okular will not obey dark theme since it is KDE based.

I stopped ordering graphic novels, collected/omnibus and other books via Amazon when I can get them through Usually cheaper even with paying for shipping $4. Where Amazon puts it in a box with no packing material and it comes damaged, packs like they are shipping nitroglycerin to you. So far through 3 orders I am super happy!

In continuing about Altus, don't miss the discography page where it is all available for DL.

My taste in music ranges from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin to Slayer, Pantera, into Jazz and also into Ambient. If you're into Ambient you should check out "Altus". 20+ releases available, all but 1 for free to download via the website. Most available as lossless .flac. Or stream it from all the major streaming services.

Success on replacing PulseAudio with Pipewire. Hopefully it becomes the default for every distro.

It's a small thing but I contributed to a distro for the first time. Bug report, nice to see my name in the changelog within hours as the fix was published.

Years ago when I was using Facebook, I removed it from my phone and Messenger and Instagram. Why? It knew about things the wife and I talked about. Where we were going, what we were doing, because they were always listening. Its only become worse since them I am sure.

Made the switch to Arch (again). Love Fedora, but like a little more flexibility. I miss the AUR.

I have closed the registration for this instance ( due to a massive increase of spam accounts and accounts that wants to promote their own shady businesses.

I never will understand the need for workspaces. Like ever, on any OS on any device using the conventional desktop. I might be able to understand if you're using a tileing window manager. I know people use them, but why not just use ALT-TAB? Do what you need and then ALT-TAB again?

I've got my compact Firefox Tab Density back, for now via the about:config with a search for

I still use Firefox as my daily browser because it isn't Chrome(ium) based and owned by Google. That there is a problem. I use it not because it is the best in performance etc, I use it because it is less evil. Slowly loosing that reason now too.

Every decision Mozilla has made has been in the wrong direction. Whether in the browser or politically with its foundation. They have clearly lost their direction.

Telegram is NOT open source/FOSS. Stop endorsing it as an (open source) alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.

If you forced me to use and the only other option was I would stab you and use GNOME instead. GNOME is stable on my systems, but I choose Cinnamon as my DE because it is old school, reliable, themeable and doesn't get in the way of productivity. GNOME is a TabletOS.

I know I've said it before and I will probably keep saying it again and again, is my distro of choice, I feel at home on it, everything works (for me at least on my computers) and I haven't seen any issues with daily upgrading coming through. DNF has been great too. Cinnamon spin is solid so far too! Gaming through Steam using Proton and Glorious Eggroll solid too!

16 years later, finally starts to support formats. Welcome to the present, however, I left Microsoft a decade ago. Where ANYTHING made by Microsoft belongs... in the past.

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