its absurd that a company made the whole world say their name every single time they're talking about searching for stuff online. kids growing up today know nothing else.


Back from our cross-country driving adventure. Catching up on projects that piled up while on vacation. Always fun coming back to work, in a not fun way.

Packing for a weeks vacation, driving cross-country from Texas to Virginia Beach, Virginia and back. Going to see our old houses and stuff. Been 15 years since I moved to Texas for a better life and a lot more money doing web dev and design. We leave at 3am.

There is a reason why the U.S. Postal Service went bankrupt again and FedEx, UPS and AmazonPrime have taken over. You took another bailout, only to spend it on new trucks. You suck, you couldn't deliver a pizza in a week. You either loose my packages or they arrive later after being in limbo for days with your garbage tracking system. Things ordered a week before have arrived via FedEx and UPS and still I wait on you. GET OFF MY LAWN! I turn 50 tomorrow... can you tell? :)

Working on a third-parties website, Wordpress. Have to chuckle knowing that they are using a plugin to backup Wordpress... to the same hard-drive that Wordpress is installed on. What could possibly go wrong?

Update to the FSF and GNU's plan to move IRC channels to Libera.Chat as Freenode staff, with no notice, seized control of the and channels away from FSF staff and GNU volunteers during the early hours of Sunday morning (EDT). This happened despite members of Freenode staff participating in the community. meeting

This is your sign that Andrew Lee is an ass. Freenode is now dead if it wasn't already. I want no part of your Freenode, I am on now.

Check out this fun episode of
DLN Xtend #61!

Wendy and Matt discuss the pros and cons of cloud and local storage!

As well as Matt's gaming pic and Wendy's software pic!

#Linux #OpenSource #podcasts

Does anyone know of a distro that isn't Arch and uses Pipewire as default but doesn't use GNOME or KDE by default? Particularly looking for Cinnamon or XFCE.

Welcome to centralized Internet 🤷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

Life is so much better without Google, Chrom(ium)e, no Facebook or Twitter. Join me in ridding your world of the EVIL CORPS

This shouldn't need to be a thing, but glad it exists. When Pulse/Alsa turns any sound coming through your system to static. pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload fixes it without reboot. Annoying bug that has been around for years.

With pressures mounting from Google's own employees, regulators, & competitors, @MiaD says a de-Googled world, where Google is no longer the default, is on the horizon.

Want to join the movement? Start living Google-free today:

Original tweet :

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