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Alphabet, Google, Meta, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe are our enemies, if you're using anything from them, by them or connected to them you are aiding in the downfall of our privacy, human rights and all that is good within technology. They are ALL in bed with another enemy, the governments of EVERY country. Stop them, stop using them.

Comedian Louie Anderson has died. He was so funny, like a fwee wiwwy!

Meat Loaf has died. Meat Loaf, born Marvin Lee Aday, was best known for the 1977 album Bat Out Of Hell, one of the best selling albums of all time, having sold 43 million copies worldwide. Meat Loaf won a 1994 Grammy Award for the song "I'd Do Anything For Love." Meat Loaf also appeared in over 65 movies, with iconic roles in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club, among others.

The most satisfying and rewarding activities require effort and in the end enrich your life or the surrounding area of which you live your life. I encourage you to find time to clean up, organize that closet, build that project you've put off or pursue your hobby. Even only one day of a weekend, you owe it to yourself and family. Work you do for yourself rewards in the long run, regardless if it is overwhelming. A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step, not sitting on social media.

Not even 5 hours into my vacation, I am pulling an all night emergency work project. It never fails, every vacation some last minute emergency comes up because people drop the ball at somewhere, doesn't matter if it at our law firm or another. fun times!

Vacation has began as of noon today through January 10th. We aren't going anywhere this time, but still a much needed vacation.

Coming up on 1 year on the fediverse.

I started out self-hosting my services with a nextcloud. It was really great having access to a service like that anywhere I went. It was a shock to realize that when you run your own service you can use it however you like -- there's no admin to complain that you're not using it the way they want.

Shortly after, big tech started their shenanigans in earnest -- Once they've banned the sitting president of the united states, there's no chance of escaping the censorship.

I started out on alt tech, minds and bitchute. They were fine, but you could see that all it would take is someone to change their minds about how to run the site and suddenly we're back to square 1. On supposedly free-speech minds, one of my posts got reported and at that point I just wasn't interested anymore.

Around the same time, Google had been warning they were going to shut down hangouts. Over my life, I've had a lot of services I use shut down or change such that I can't use it anymore, and it's getting annoying.

I started to go about figuring out how to start up my own service.

I tried Friendica at first. There are some things I really liked about friendica. Once I got the interface working the way I liked it was definitely a looker, and I still prefer the way it shows threads by default. Unfortunately, I found that friendica was very heavy on the back-end to the point that I wasn't able to know for sure if my posts were getting out there. If I had a beefier server it probably would have been fine, but I didn't.

Next I moved to pleroma, and it was much more responsive.

Today I'm running pleroma on the back-end with soapbox-fe as my front-end. Along the way I also set up a peertube instance, a searx instance, an invidious instance, a Matrix homeserver, an xmpp homeserver, and a lotide instance.

It's really cool! Essentially, most of the tabs I have open now are from my own services.

There's lots of interesting people on here so content isn't really a problem. Some people have reported my posts, but that's because they're literally stupid. Every report I've seen is "I disagree with this guys politics!" which was summarily ignored.

The only service I still routinely use from big tech is youtube, though now mostly through my invidious instance. I spend a lot of time on my peertube instance, however.

I'm pretty sold on the fediverse ecosystem at this point, and I'm totally sold on self-hosting. Nobody will get rich off of it, but what I envision is someone coming up with a box that you can install in your house that will allow setting up and maintaining self-hosted services automatically, and then everyone would be independently using their own services that communicate with others' self-hosted services.

I grew up on the Free Internet. I don't care to live on the locked down Internet. I like seeing ideas I don't agree with. I like seeing things that make me feel uncomfortable. I like seeing things I think are wrong. I like seeing things that make me think and maybe change my own views. This is the last best bastion of freedom left.

Today would have been my Father's 77th birthday. He died in a car accident when he was 28. I was barely 1 in 1972 when it happened. My Mother and I were supposed to be in the car with him that morning, but I had a fever the night before and it was decided he would go alone to my Grandmothers house. He never made it.

Y0uAreEligible! Scam e-mail alert! :) Home Depot offer coming from seems legit! Sign me up!

She refused to move bus seats months before Rosa Parks. At 82, her arrest is expunged. Funny how one is known, the other not so much. History is often misleading and usually the story we are allowed to know, not what really happened.

I wish south Texas actually had fall and winter. 81 degrees is not like the Christmas of my childhood in snow in NYC.

Life was so much easier in the 1990s. Tech was exciting, social media wasn't a thing, less responsibilities too. You'll spend your childhood wishing you were 21, and the rest of your life wishing you were a child. Don't grow up, its a trap!

Sharing my Meta (part 5) block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Meta (part 4) block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Meta (part 3) block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Meta (part 2) block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Meta (part 1) server block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Twitter server block list for UBlock Origin:

Sharing my Google server block list for UBlock Origin:

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