Anyone got any ideas of how to breathe some Linux life into an old Acer Aspire One notebook? Puppy works but is there anything else? I get that ol' message "this kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU, please use an appropriate kernel etc."

Give antiX Linux a try.
It even runs on an 17 year old laptop that has only 512 mb of RAM.
Or you could try MX Linux, its sister Distro that looks more modern.

@dukeofhardrock well, use a i686 distribution
these are getting pretty rare but i think debian has i686 builds
@dukeofhardrock @selea Your system is 32 bits, has download putty 32 bits image?

@dukeofhardrock Anything that works on 32-bit should work, which includes:
- Debian (and many close Debian based distros)
- Some made specifically to run on old hardware

And some harder ones to use:
- Arch32
- Gentoo

I can't think of very many right now.


I think you have to load a 32bit bootloader, some Acer's had that "feature" for a while.

I dont know how I did it thou, but it _should_ be as simple as just replacing the bootloader with a 32bit one directly in the .iso

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