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So, how do people run their own personal #fediverse instances? What software? Self-hosted or paying for hosting?

To do my part in ensuring the fediverse stays diverse, I think I'd rather not use mastodon. Also, I'd rather not run that kind of bloat on my small homelab when selfhosting


@norbert i softbricked my phone when i tried locking my bootloader on my current ROM too, but i managed to solve it myself. did you manage to lock it successfully? thanks for the heads up :)

@norbert thats a pretty important feature for me, but i'll try it out and see how the workaround works. a possibly dumb question: there's no official firmware for android 12 for FP4 right? so i'll flash over the latest official android 11 firmware?

@fault1er i have not tried their own preinstalled ROM myself, but my gf is running that. it seems OK and not too buggy afaik. there are some things, but im not sure if thats related to the hardware or software

@norbert that sounds amazing. i was looking at calyxos after i saw that LOS didn't have a release yet, but i couldn't find FP4 in their device list. have you tried it? i need something that is enough as a daily driver.

@e88 im sure lineageos will be released for fairphone 4.
if I don't remember wrong fairphone only sells in europe, which is sad :(

I got my 4 yesterday, but the only custom roms I can find are /e/ and iodè. anyone knows anything about iodé? I really wish there just were a plain lineageos version available.

two months ago I started working at a new job. after three days my boss and I had a meeting where I were informed that they are worried about me working there as they (based on tatoos) thought I was a criminal. today we had another meeting and it seems like they are very happy with me and have gotten great feedback both from my colleagues and customers.

don't judge people on their looks!

I really wish I had a friend who also loved Linux

@selea Oh snap, she didn't chose your instance? ;D

Skämtåsido, välkommen @annasara :)

@hund I've never heard about Starlab before, but it looks very promising. I love that you can order it without an OS and with Coreboot :)
Looking at the parts on their site, it does look very repairable too. Now I start thinking, should I look at Starlab instead of Framework..hm...

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TIL about lichess.org/ , one of the world's most popular chess servers, run entirely on free software by a nonprofit, ad-free, supported by donations with a budget of ~$420K/year according to lichess.org/costs

They've been around since 2010.

As awesome as this is to see, imagine how many free/open nonprofit alternatives to Big Tech platforms would exist if, down to the municipal level, we decided to support them with funding & infrastructure.

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Den största plattformen för fri programvara är en stängd plattform ägd av en techjätte.

#Gitlab är ett alternativ som erbjuder en fri programvara som du kan drifta själv. #Gitea är en annan öppen plattform för egen dirft - men inte alla har kompetens eller tid att drifta själv.

Den bästa lösningen enligt mig: drifta i förening med andra, lite som #fripost är en förening som driftar e-post.

#Codeberg är en sådan förening som driftar en Gitea-instans. Använd den!


I love Solarized color scheme, but it's almost impossible to find a good wallpaper that fits the colors

@otso If I owned a Rolex I wouldn't wear it :D
Its a Casio

I bought a watch last week. I have never worn one before. I must admit I love it :)

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hello fediverse, i've been missing yall. i've been more or less offline for like two months or so. now i need to try catch up.. i guess i've missed a lot of stuff around here and my rss unread count = 12k :O

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