I got my 4 yesterday, but the only custom roms I can find are /e/ and iodè. anyone knows anything about iodé? I really wish there just were a plain lineageos version available.

@dsv that sounds sad. i wanted fairphone, but they hate asia apparently. now that I know they don't have lineageos, my fervor for getting one has cooled.

@e88 im sure lineageos will be released for fairphone 4.
if I don't remember wrong fairphone only sells in europe, which is sad :(

@dsv no asia, so i'll just wait for pinephone to get slightly better.

i'm running lineageos18.1 and it's pretty good for now.

@dsv my gf had a ff2 so i can't help with your question, but I hope they improved their preinstalled os... it was a mess. Unstable af. And the support for other roms was unfortunately not as good as promised. They've got a lot work to do. Anyway, I cross my fingers for you to find a nice rom for your new phone.

@fault1er i have not tried their own preinstalled ROM myself, but my gf is running that. it seems OK and not too buggy afaik. there are some things, but im not sure if thats related to the hardware or software

@norbert that sounds amazing. i was looking at calyxos after i saw that LOS didn't have a release yet, but i couldn't find FP4 in their device list. have you tried it? i need something that is enough as a daily driver.

@dsv I am using my #Fairphone 4 with #CalyxOS since about three weeks now and especially after the latest update to 3.5.1 it works really good. The only issue left is that bluetooth audio doesn't work out of the box, but there's a workaround to get it working...

@norbert thats a pretty important feature for me, but i'll try it out and see how the workaround works. a possibly dumb question: there's no official firmware for android 12 for FP4 right? so i'll flash over the latest official android 11 firmware?

@dsv Correct, there's no official #Android 12 for #Fairphone 4 yet, just flash #CalyxOS over the latest official FairphoneOS. But please be careful when re-locking the bootloader, there are people who had to send their device in to repair after soft-bricking it...

@norbert i softbricked my phone when i tried locking my bootloader on my current ROM too, but i managed to solve it myself. did you manage to lock it successfully? thanks for the heads up :)

@dsv I was lucky and had no issues re-locking the bootloader after installing #CalyxOS.

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