I have been a religious Firefox user for several years. And I don't really like their change for Firefox Nightly on Mobile. Maybe it's time for me to try something new πŸ€”. Right now it's Brave browser that captivates me.

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@Mayana it looks really nice from what I can tell from the main page. Definitely give it a try.

@dinoallosaurus Kiwi Browser supports Chrome extensions, but fueling the #chromium hegemony will be the last option. It's my second browser on Android/Lineage. My only real problem with the #firefox Nightly is that none of my JS bookmarklets work. That and the lack of some important addons.

@mikael Yeah same problems happened to me. Really hope they will manage to fix that in the future.

@dinoallosaurus I personally don't like the nightly version for several reasons, but I like fennec

@dinoallosaurus Using brave further cements Googles grip on web standards because it uses the same rendering engine as Chrome, thus making the browser ecosystem more homogenic. Also: (not the best article I could find, but it's 02:41, I'm lying in bed, why am I even writing this?)

@metabever Sigh. I know Brave use Chromium in its core. If there is a better alternative, I will absolutely live with it. Thanks for the reminder.

There's also Otter-browser, though it doesn't have add-ons support till now.

Edit: Oh you.were talking about Mobile.. Then is really great.

@redstarfish lol I am considering switching on Desktop too. So thanks for the recommendation!

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