The three "bad" movies I like:

Toys (1992)
This movie needs a plot that works with it's gorgeous art direction and surreal/wholesome vibe, not against it.

Waterworld (1995)
This movie is impressive, especially considering how hard filming water scenes is.

Stay (2005)
There is nothing wrong with this movie and it is unironically really good. I legitimately don't understand the bad ratings, just rewatch the movie FFS.

@detondev Toys and Waterworld are some of my favourite movies 🖤


@neauoire Yeah, I love to rewatch Toys just to stare at all the beautiful visuals and to watch Robin Williams do his thing, despite feeling like the plot doesn't have anything to do with what the movie is about.

Also, I recommend looking up Waterworld's production. Aside from the cost of shooting the water scenes, pretty much everyone working on the movie had *very* conflicting opinions about what it should be about (most of the film's jankier moments are due to that, lol)

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