I've gotten back from a visit to my grandparents, and my granddad let me take home whatever old books I found as he wasn't reading any of them. I found an old programming book about ANSI C, so obviously I couldn't resist :D

I also found the LOTR series, which my parents have forbidden me from reading because it wasn't christian enough for them but are now letting me take it back because I can "handle it now, you're old enough".

All in all, I've got plenty to read with those and other books :)

I just set up a mini-library of all the old books I took home from a visit to my grandparents. The smells circulating around their spaces make me feel like a 800 year old wizard 🧙🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️

@detondev lol yeah, old books, and also hardware from the 50-70s smell gooood

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