This may be my perfectionism speaking, but I kind of hate how so much of society uses a "finish and release" model for artists to follow when creating things. I want to be able to listen to a song one day, then listen to it again the next because the artist changed the bassline. I want to be able to read a story one day, then randomly find it again a year later with the storyline more focused & interconnected than before.

@detondev A lot of artists would be more comfortable with having infinite time to revise their drafts, because a good artist is often their own harshest critic. Unfortunately if an artist waited until they had a perfect draft before publication they would never finish anything. At some point you need to say "good enough" and just push it out there, even if you're not completely happy with it. You gotta force yourself to keep moving forward.

@detondev I would hate this. When I look or listen to a piece of art the flaws and accidentals in it are just as important to me as the things the artist put there on purpose.
I would be deeply sad if I went back to listen to my favorite songs one day and no longer heard a guitarist fumble a chord or a singer's voice break.

@knotteye Yeah, I would definitely want this as just another option for artists. It's use would be comparable to how some fantasy worlds are better when left with only some aspects revealed to the reader, and others are better when the writer explores and expands upon them.

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