My younger brother just gave me a 5th Gen Kindle Fire that he just replaced. I've been looking all over the internet for resources that could help me install Linux on it but the internet is failing me tonight.

Does anybody here have experience or links I can click that relate to installing Linux on the device? If so, please fire a reply my way.


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I've checked some of the options (2?) years ago and was disappointed. It may be different now, I don't know. Back then all "kindle linuxes" were actually just blog posts from people who think a command line is an operating system, failing to see it is actually running on top of Amazon's oppressive operating system.

@mplammers @detondev Doesn't kindle run modified android? You could get and F-Droid.

@polarhive @mplammers Yes, it's true that Kindle's operating system is based on Android, but I'd like to install a fresh set of GNU/Linux on it to get around all the restrictions and spyware that come with using an OS built by Google and Amazon.

@detondev I usually check if a device has pmOS support.

I don't think I see it on there, though. Maybe you could look into their porting guide and/or stop by one of the IRC channels.

Not sure of other similar projects with as many devices supported.
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