I just want to remind everyone that despite 's increasing problems, we need to keep sticking with for now because the alternative is full corporate control over the web. We keep Firefox alive until we can't, then fork it until we can't, then write our own browser until we can't. Failure to do any of the above means the web will march towards corporate shithole-dom. Then we either write a FOSS alternative for the web or make stuff like into FOSS alternatives for the web.

@detondev Agreed, but I want to specify that I hope we can get all the code that ours out of there asap.

@flamingkeys Out of there:
But the more difficult question is probably into where.

@mplammers @flamingkeys libfirefox, so others can put together their own browsers? And probably a separate project using it that's a browser itself.

Also, kindah think maybe there should be a way easier to implement format. Maybe a bit spruced-up gemini(with some gallery and menus/sitemap stuff, and maybe a way to add forms)

Or perhaps one that's instead mostly around scripting. Although i am more in doubt if that's a good idea.

@jasper Thanks. I really like the idea of a non-browser repository / library containing all useable elements. libfirefox is a name we can talk about. :)


@detondev @ankit I agree with this and this is why I still make #Firefox my main browser.

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