After reading an article that detailed Amazon's gains in market dominance due to COVID-19, I am wondering if the FOSS community is capable of creating some sort of decentralized e-commerce network.

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The point is not a decentralized ecommerce network (that's simply done by ecommerce sites), but a kind of marketplace where to get everything.

But also, every shop should drop a bit of freedom.

@detondev I was wondering in the past too.
I think a federated marketplace is possible.
My main concern is how do you handle payments. I.e. if you use some payment gateway then the system is again centralized.
I suppose you could have each "seller" (user) enter their own API keys from a payment gateway. This way the sellers could be paid directly.

@detondev like an ActivityPub but extended with buy and sell features, the hard thing about it would be payment systems integrations, those are everything but decentralized. (Leave Bitcoin to the gamblers)

@loosy That's definitely the bit that leaves this concept a little uncertain. The Achilles heel of already existing decentralized online marketplaces like OpenBazaar is that the only available payment methods are cryptocurrencies. I certainly hope more countries make the needed policy changes or that some sort of new development happens that could make this more feasible. 🤔

@detondev did you already tried contacting your policy maker reference on this issue?
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