@cobra That's just fine, but be careful, the div is the child of a div called "main".

You might wanna copy some of the CSS rules for it, in responsive.css

To be fair, I copied from a Wikipedia bot's CSS :P

@cobra I hope the @fsf has seen this, since it's in the neighbouring state of the FSF headquarters. This is a win for all ! If this happens, then I hope to see other states follow New Hampshire's lead.

@jahway603 @fsf yeah if/when the fsf sees it it would probably have a higher chance of passing and would be huge for free software as a whole

@jahway603 @cobra They saw it, they just posted about it. Let's hope for the best.

@shiftyskip @cobra yeah, I just saw that. I'll be there speaking in favor of it. I wonder if they'll send some FSF staff to publicly comment too.

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