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tbh i aint fully coninced being gay aint a mental illness

The Cobra :fedora: :parabola: boosted

I'd rather be cracked than install proprietary security patches.

whenever someone says among us i burst out laughing

security through obscurity is cringe just make it more secure or hire not shitty devs

we need to stop making EVs were gonna run out of lithium to eat

can someone name a lightweight terminal that isnt kitty or alacritty

update: the 10k mexican was the old one and is worth 50 cents

theres only like 4 people from that arent child predators

trade offer
you get: 10000 mexican pesos
i get: 489 united states dollars

quad core 8 gb ram librebooted thinkpad :drool:

wait till emf haters see what light is made of

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