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re removed opinions subject to change

I'm Aleksandar Widulski <>
I'm a ( developer and activist, and use only free software. I'm a homosexual philosopher, big advocate for and right to vanish, and a ~vern ( contributor
. I try to flag stuff with tone indicators (see pinned posts) but I may miss some stuff. I use Trisquel GNU/Linux on my libreboot T500 and on my


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sentence [OPTIONS]

Tone indicators as *nix command line options.
Some people have a hard time understanding social cues, especially in text. These flags can
be extremely helpful for even regular people.

-a --alt --alterous Sentence is alterous
-b --brag --bragging Speaker is bragging
--bait --clickbait Sentence is clickbait
-c --calm --calmly Speaker is calm
--cel --celebratory Sentence is celebratory
--comf --comforting Sentence is comforting

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java programmers think every programming language uses java syntax and functions

windows programmers will be talking about IDE this IDE that meanwhile people who are sane will not understand because we use vim

money? because i didnt get any money from pirating anything

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"piracy is theft"
what am i stealing? what am i taking away from somebody?

imagine just like
the world is upside down
and if you misstep you fall into the sky
this could make a good book

it would be so funny if twitter became a fediverse instance

the japanese are trying to infiltrate my federated feed

people who say "best girl" (yes "best grill" is the same thing) definitely live in a basement of some sort and are 1000kg

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