excited to visit @sotm@twitter.com in this month, along with some nice people from @ioki_mobility@twitter.com 🗺️🧭🍕🇮🇹

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Hiring is difficult and so critical for a startup. If you had applied for job at Textualize would you consider this reasonable?

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Use TypeScript barrel files in @nextjs@twitter.com?

Reduce your bundle size with this one weird trick 💸

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CRUD applications are just excel sheets with extra steps.

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herr scholz, in den usa existiert die vorstellung, wir seien von russischem gas abhängig. stimmt das?

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Introducing the Build Output API:

◆ Build and inspect a project locally
◆ Deploy your build output directly
◆ Use any framework with Vercel’s infrastructure primitives


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@fihu @flowfx that looks quite interesting. Do you use it on a daily basis? Did you make yourself some learning supports like keyboard stickers?

@flowfx I have been using confluence recently just to realize how much worse Sharepoint is in comparison. Be careful what you wish for!

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@DavidKPiano@twitter.com “We can't legally make people run full speed for a marathon so we broke it into 26 one-mile 'sprints'”

- @headinthebox@twitter.com

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A LinkedIn influencer is just a glorified fortune cookie copywriter.

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I replaced all website shenanigans with the linktree clone littlelink (littlelink.io/) and I am quite happy about it!

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